Episode 13 – Still Life

This show we focus on Big Finish Productions’ writing competition called the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity. It is in honor of the late Paul Spragg who was a very valued employee at the company until his death in 2014. In 2016, this contest started where fans are asked to write a single page synopsis and a single…More

Episode 12 – Avenging the Endgame

We start off with news to win a trip to the UK to have breakfast with Jodie Whittaker and get a tour of the Doctor Who set for the sake of Red Nose Day and Omaze. Then, it’s been a month and the spoiler ban has been lifted! Its time for MarkWHO42 to review Avengers Endgame. Eduardo M. Freyre takes the helm as the MW42 crew look…More

Episode 11 – MarkWHO Mother Madness

MarkWHO42 is celebrates Mother’s Day by talking about some of the mothers of Doctor Who. From mothers who were companions to alien mothers. We’ve also got mothers whose love made it possible for everybody to live. We even have some mothers who aren’t exactly high on the beloved list. All this plus we’ve got some big Doctor Who…More

Episode 10 – I Hart(nell) the Doctor

Listen in as everyone talks about the first Doctor, William Hartnell, their favorite characters, from former companions to recurring antagonists. Plus what the actors who played these characters have done since their time with The Doctor.More