Episode 329 – The (Sea) Devil and the Doctor

MarkWHO42's Universe - Episode 329 - The (Sea) Devil and the Doctor

The latest Doctor Who special “Legend of the Sea Devils” recently aired. Who are these Sea Devils and why have we not heard from them since 1984? What’s up with Yaz? How does Madame Ching, the pirate queen, fit into this story? What can we expect based on the “next time” trailer and the regeneration rumors? Join Mark Baumgarten, Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, and Vicky Jakubowski as they debate the episode, characters, and the many many rumors surrounding the future of Doctor Who.

This episode features new content not heard on SUBSPACE Radio!

Episode 328 – Star Trekkin’ Across THE MarkWHO42 Universe

MarkWHO42's Universe - Episode 328 - Star Trekkin' Across THE MarkWHO42 Universe

Star Trek currently has 4 shows (soon to be 5) streaming on the Paramount+ service. Sound like a good time to have a Star Trek Retrospective. But first, let’s veer off course (in a fast car). Is Steve McQueen in the original The Italian Job or was Mark rambling? The winner is… not Mark.  Now back to the Federation.

Does Paramount now consider the 1970’s animated series canon or maybe just one episode? Are the only good movies the “even” ones? Is Deep Space Nine too gritty for Star Trek or is it actually the best of the series? Was Dr. Pulaski doomed to fail as a character? Did we fit everything into this show or should we come back? Join Mark BaumgartenEduardo M. FreyreVicky Jakubowski, and Zion “Q” Quiros as they debate the many faces (and versions) of Star Trek.

This episode contains over 45 minutes of bonus material not heard on Subspace Radio!

MarkWHO42 Celebrates 10 Years

MarkWHO42’s Universe celebrates 10 years!

10 years ago in a galaxy nearby, the MarkWHO42 Universe sprang forth from a big bang and a Facebook page was born, This was no April Fool’s joke, but the beginning of an amazing journey for our cast of characters: Mark Baumgarten, Eduardo M. Freyre, and Patricia Freyre. Their celebrity interviews can still be enjoyed on the interwebs (via YouTube). Along the way, an eclectic group of Time Lords, companions, and aliens came and went, joining our discussions. The next regeneration of the MarkWHO42 Universe found itself streaming on sci-fi radio stations. So here we are, 10 years later in 2022 – join us as we feature a variety of science fiction topics on SUBSPACE Radio!

Episode 327 – Kickstarting Pandora: Let the Fun Begin!

MarkWHO42's Universe - Episode 327 - Kickstarting Pandora: Let the Fun Begin!

The77 Publications presents the latest and greatest brand new comic anthology – Pandora. What inspired Jo Heeley to take this leap of faith? Is Penny Pentagram joining in on the fun? Does Andrew Richmond really create one sketch a day? Find out as Mark Baumgarten and Vicky Jakubowski fall down the rabbit hole with Jo and Andrew of Pandora.

This episode features new content not heard on SUBSPACE Radio!

Pandora comics’ Kickstarter campaign can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pandora1/pandora-2?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=pandora

Andrew Richmond’s artwork website can be found at https://andrewrichmondart.com/

The77 Publications back issues can be found at https://the77comic.bigcartel.com/