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Our hosts are experts in the field of science fiction and talk about all sci-fi media including Television, Movies, Comics, and Books!

You can hear our show on Subspace/ODYSY Radio (www.subspace.radio) Monday nights (8pm EST) , Tuesday mornings (4am EST), Wednesday afternoons (2pm EST), Thursday afternoons (3pm EST), Friday afternoons (1pm EST), Saturday mornings (10am EST) and early Sunday (5am EST). You can also listen to us as a podcast on most major platforms and here as well!

Welcome to the world of MarkWHO42’s Universe!

Latest from the Blog

Episode 360 – Taking the Lifeboat to Lawless

This week we are catching up with Steve Bull and Ben Cullis from The77 Publications team. Between the tall tales and bad jokes, we discuss what is happening with our friends across the pond. Have you supported Ian Gibson’s “Lifeboat” Kickstarter campaign yet? Known for his work on Halo Jones and Judge Dredd, Ian Gibson…

Episode 359 – Picard: Hope is Never Lost

Picard Season 3 is streaming on Paramount+, so now is the time to let our geek show. Prepare the photon torpedoes and set phasers to stun – spoiler alerts ahead. What is up with Captain Shaw… could he have a bigger chip on his shoulder? Is the main theme of the season revenge or family?…

Episode 358 – This is The Way… to Mandalore

The third season of The Mandalorian is out on Disney+ and there is too much to unwrap. Why did we never see The Mandalorian’s face this season? What’s up with the bureaucracy of the New Republic? How is this setting up the future Star Wars movies and television shows? Where will Din Dajrin and Grogu…

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