Episode 2 – A Hill of Beans and the Blue Moon

MarkWHO42 welcomes back special guest Jessica Martin from classic Doctor Who‘s The Greatest Show in the Galaxy starring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor. We talk to her about her character Mags, the punk werewolf, her impressions from her early career on Spitting Image, her upcoming memoir, her artwork which lead to Richard Dinnick and her 7th Doctor story for Titan Comics, and her upcoming Big Finish main range Doctor Who stories…More

Episode 1 – Welcome to MarkWHO42

We start our journey on ODYSY Radio with some Doctor Who news, mix in some Star Wars Disney cocktails, and add an Umbrella Academy to boot. Oh, and add some music to the mix with Lewis Capaldi’s #1 UK hit Someone You Loved while talking about the video starring his relative Peter Capaldi. But before we are done, host Mark Baumgarten and cohosts Trish Freyre, Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, and Iggy Mathews all…More

Juan Sanmiguel

Short bio: Cohost (episodes 52-62,300-306)… Born and raised in Miami, FL, lived in the DC beltway for a time before making a home in Orlando. I went to my first big con at 9 and my first Wordcon at 16. I like Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in all its forms. I have worked on…More

Zion Quiros

Short bio: Cohost… 26 year old Mechanical Engineering student who loves Sci-Fi as much as real science. Watched all of Doctor Who, getting through Star Trek a 2nd time around, can name every astronaut group from Freedom 7 to STS-4. Been a part of MarkWHO42 for 7 years and podcasting for 5. Creator of YouTube…More