Vicky Jakubowski

Short Bio: Cohost… A fangirl from day one, I was born into large military family who wereTrekkers long before it was cool. Traveling the country, I was lucky tohear, read, and watch a variety of genres from diverse origins. It wasn’tlong before I was obsessed with comic books, anime, arcades, D&D, Doctor Who, Star Wars…More

Patricia Helm-Freyre

Short bio: Cohost and co-creator… Born and raised in California, I’m a massive Disney and Disneyland fan. I now live in Reno, NV and work as a dental hygienist. I love reading, going to the movies and cooking great food. I am the co-creator of MarkWHO42’s Universe and do my best to bring a female…More

Eduardo M. Freyre

Short bio: Cohost… Born and raised in Miami, Florida. In addition to being a huge sci-fi/comic book nerd, Eduardo has also been a working actor. He has worked in films such as Rock of Ages, Chef, and Confessions of a Shopaholic and TV shows such as Burn Notice & Magic City. He is also a…More

Mark Baumgarten

Short bio: Host & co-creator… I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since 1978. I sell Doctor Who books online and at science fiction conventions and also run a Doctor Who fan club in South Florida called Weekend TARDIS. I am a Video and Audio Producer by profession (looking for clients… contact me if interested). I…More