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Mark Baumgarten

Mark Baumgarten

I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since 1978. I moderate Doctor Who panels at science fiction conventions and also run a Doctor Who fan club in South Florida called Weekend TARDIS. I am a Video and Audio Producer by profession (looking for clients… contact me if interested). I am the co-creator and showrunner of MarkWHO42’s Universe, the best show this side of Gallifrey, available on iTunes, Audible, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher Podcasts, Google Play and Subspace Radio Network!

Eduardo M. Freyre

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. In addition to being a huge sci-fi/comic book nerd, Eduardo has also been a working actor. He has worked in films such as Rock of Ages, Chef, and Confessions of a Shopaholic and TV shows such as Burn Notice & Magic City. He is also a published comic book writer, having written entries for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and several issues of The Seer for Rising Sun Comics.

Vicky Jakubowski

A fangirl from day one, I was born into large military family who were Trekkers long before it was cool. Traveling the country, I was lucky to hear, read, and watch a variety of genres from diverse origins. It wasn’t long before I was obsessed with comic books, anime, arcades, D&D, Doctor Who, Star Wars and so much more. I proudly own a large movie collection and an even larger collection of books which include nearly every genre, spanning the decades from silent movies to superhero blockbusters, ancient mythology to modern sci-fi. My music collection is equally unusual, covering Hildegard von Bingen to Iron Maiden. Truth be told, I am best known for my love of Disney… anything Disney. A member of the DisneyVerse Podcast, I guest on other shows and recently began creating videos under the Disney Librarian moniker to share historical and behind the scenes type stories. Fortunately, my husband of 30 years and our adult son both support and join in on my adventures. By day, my secret identity is a mild-mannered fiscal manager and business consultant.

Zion Quiros

26 year old Mechanical Engineering student who loves Sci-Fi as much as real science. Watched all of Doctor Who, getting through Star Trek a second time around, can name every astronaut group from Freedom 7 to SST-4. Been a part of MarkWHO42 for 7 years and podcasting for 5. Enjoys long walks on Gallifrey.