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Our hosts are experts in the field of science fiction and talk about all sci-fi media including Television, Movies, Comics, and Books!

You can hear our show on Subspace Radio Network (www.subspace.radio) nights (8pm EST) , Wednesday mornings (2am And 12 noon EST), Saturday afternoons (2pm EST) and early Sunday (2am EST). You can also listen to us as a podcast on most major platforms and here as well!

Welcome to the world of MarkWHO42’s Universe!

Latest from the Blog

Episode 351 – The77 x 9 = 100% Magic

The 9th issue of The77 comic anthology is on Kickstarter, so it’s time to have some friends from across the pond – Ben Cullis, Steve Bull, and Ian Stopforth – on the show. Which stories can we expect in the new issue? Where is Steve taking the V narrative? What ventures are on the horizon…

Episode 350 – The Write Stuff

Award winning author Jaimie Engle joins Mark Baumgarten and Vicky Jakubowski to discuss the worlds of fantasy she creates. We explore how from Clifton Chase to The 9 Circles, her mind pulls magic out of the ordinary. We also chat about her inspirations and future projects. Listen in as Jaimie shares a few exclusive tidbits…

Episode 349 – The MarkWHO42s of the Universe Holiday Special

The holidays are upon us, so we are chatting about The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special available on Disney+ now. How cool is it that Kevin Bacon is in this? Why is Drax beating that GoBot in Hollywood? What did Nebula use to make “snow” in Knowhere? Will Mantis tell Peter her big secret?…

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