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Our hosts are experts in the field of science fiction and talk about all sci-fi media including Television, Movies, Comics, and Books!

You can hear our show on ODYSY Radio (http://www.odysy1.com) Monday nights (8pm EST) and Tuesday mornings (2am EST) as well as on the ODYSY Radio and iTunes. You can also listen to us as a podcast on most major platforms and here as well!

Welcome to the world of MarkWHO42’s Universe!

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Episode 317 – Setting the Standard

We all know Batman, Superman, Captain America, and Spider-Man. But do you know about the Grim Reaper, Ultraman, and Jill Trent? You will now. That’s because Mark Baumgarten and Eduardo M. Freyre are sitting down with Roy Johnson, editor of Standard Comics, an independent comic book company that features some forgotten characters from the Golden…More

Episode 316 – Dune Strikes Again

Why is there another Dune movie? What does each movie pull from the 1965 book by Frank Herbert? Are you Team Kyle or Team Timothée? How do you pronounce Harkonnen? Find out as Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, and Vicky Jakubowski discuss the 2021 Dune movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. This episode features new content…More

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