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Issue 9 of the greatest independent comic (in our opinion) is being published with the help of crowd-funding! The campaign ends om February 5th, 2023 and there are amazing perks to be had so please do your part in bringing The77 Publications LTD’s newest comic to life!

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Everything Comes Back to 2000AD Podcast homepage… because everything really comes back to Judge Dredd!!!

Featuring Stephen Reid, John Burdis, & Steven Ross!!!

Chesty Sanchez’s Facebook page!

Chesty Sanchez, is a fictional character and comic book superheroine created by Steve Ross. The character made her first appearance in Chesty Sanchez #1 (Nov. 1995) published by Antarctic Press.

“Chesty Sanchez is an Amazonian wrestler who was disgraced in the ring, but gets a second chance…”

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht’s Facebook page!

The wartime adventures of a gorgeous Nazi Vampire defector and a pompous British Army Chaplain as together they take on Hitler’s occult horde. A tongue-in-cheek action/horror comic with fully painted art. Original chapter published by Heavy Metal magazine.

Vampire Nazis and the British Secret Service lock horns in an all-action, blood n’ guts, black humour…