Episode 314 – “What If… Continuity Mattered?”

MarkWHO42’s Universe – Episode 314 – What If… Continuity Mattered?

or What If… MarkWHO42 Did Another Show About “What If…?”?

We conitnue our discussion on “What If…?” – the MCU Disney+ series. Could there possibly be more surprises ahead? Is Killmonger good? How bad could a party with Thor in Vegas be? Can The Watcher destroy Ultron? Join Mark Baumgarten, Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, and Vicky Jakubowski as we fall deeper into rabbit hole known as the MCU multiverse.

Plus in the last segment, not heard on ODYSY Radio, we discuss all the latest Doctor Who news including Series 13 and the return of RTD!

Episode 313 – Shang-Chi and the Mythical Ten Rings

MarkWHO42’s Universe – Episode 313 – Shang-Chi and the Mythical Ten Rings

What are the 10 Rings? Do I see Pokémon in the forest? Who is The Mandarin? Why did we put our producer Mark in the corner? Find out as Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, Vicky Jakubowski, and bad boy Mark Baumgarten discuss the latest MCU movie and its implications.

This episode features new content not heard on ODYSY Radio!

Episode 312 – What If… MarkWHO42 Did a Show About “What If…?”

Have you ever wondered what if Steve Rogers had not become Captain America? What if zombies took over the Avengers? What if Dr. Strange became stranger? Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe answer these questions on their new Disney+ series “What If…?” Join The Watcher as Mark Baumgarten, Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, and Vicky Jakubowski dive into the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse.

This episode features over half an hour of new content not heard on ODYSY Radio!

MarkWHO42 at Palmcon!

MarkWHO42’s Universe has a special announcement for all Whovians!

Zion Quiros and Mark Baumgarten are special guests at PalmCon on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 from 10am to 6pm at the American Polish Club in Palm Beach County!

PalmCon is the Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show located at 4725 Lake Worth Rd, Greenacres, FL 33463.

Other guests announced so far are Amanda Rachels (an Alabama based full-time comic artist and (sometimes) colorist of independent comics, including Vicious Circus), Bohdan Neswiacheny (a comic book creator, filmmaker and driving force behind Resistance Entertainment), Jeh Howell (a professional makeup effects artist and creature designer), Kevin LaPorte (the Mobile, Alabama-based writer and co-creator of genre comics with a horror bent – Vicious Circus with artist Amanda Rachels), Last Ride for Horsemen and Roadkill du Jour), and many more!

All this plus many vendors of art, comics, memorabilia, and books (including Doctor Who books and merchandise from our very own markwho42 Books) so please come out and join us!!!

Go to www.palmcon.net for more information!