Episode 2 – A Hill of Beans and the Blue Moon

MarkWHO42’s Universe - Episode 2 - A Hill of Beans and the Blue Moon
Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Jessica Martin as Mags in an episode of Doctor Who. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

MarkWHO42 welcomes back special guest Jessica Martin from classic Doctor Who‘s The Greatest Show in the Galaxy starring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor. We talk to her about her character Mags, the punk werewolf, her impressions from her early career on Spitting Image, her upcoming memoir, her artwork which lead to Richard Dinnick and her 7th Doctor story for Titan Comics, and her upcoming Big Finish main range Doctor Who stories coming this April.

We also have Sci-Fi news which includes Doctor Who and the new Alfred Pennyworth Batman prequel series as well. Plus we made our great announcement about ODYSY Radio and our part in it!

MarkWHO42! Making a podcast without David Tennant… and wishing we hadn’t!!!

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