Episode 6 – Transformative Continuity

MarkWHO42’s Universe - Episode 6 - Transformative Continuity

Infiltration Protocols active at Markwho42! Join Eduardo M. Freyre and Zion Quinros as they welcome special guest, Transformers writer and expert Jim Sorenson to dive into the 13 year comics continuity of IDW Publishing’s Transformers comics.

From the opening mini-series by Simon Furman to the tales of post-war Cybertron. Find out what is the difference between Megatron and Galvatron, why is Prowl a jerk, and what classis Transformersepisode does the series All Hail Megatron remind Ed of? All this plus a look at the newest Transformersseries AND Sorenson’s incredible new project.

Plus we’ll start out with some Big Finish Doctor Who news.

This episode will be more fun than joining The Wreckers on a suicide mission.

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