Episode 20 – Field Trip to The End of Time

MarkWHO42’s Universe - Episode 20 - Field Trip to The End of Time

Join Mark BaumgartenTrish Freyre, and Eduardo M. Freyre (the original team of MarkWHO42) as they accompany South Florida’s Doctor Who viewing club, Weekend TARDIS, at the theatrical screening of Doctor Who: The End of Time with David TennantJohn Simm as The Master, and Bernard Cribbins as Wilf Mott.

The first half was recorded at the event itself with fan interviews and loads of fun especially with thw technical difficulties with the showing itself (causing the show to start an hour after it should have… at least we got our money back). The second half is a review we never did before of the original 2-part episode because MarkWHO42 hadn’t been in existence when it originally came out…

MarkWHO42! We don’t spit when we talk, but give Timothy Dalton a break… he’s playing Rassilon, so he can do whatever he wants!!!

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