Episode 300 – MarkWHO42’s Universe Hits the Big 300!

MarkWHO42’s Universe - Episode 300 - MarkWHO42’s Universe Hits the Big 300!

The MarkWHO42 crew has been around in some form since April 2012. We’ve had over 13 different cohosts over the years and they’ve all been great. Our current roster of hosts are co-founders Mark Baumgarten (here for the duration), Eduardo M. Freyre and Patricia Freyre, and newer cohosts Zion Quiros & Juan Sanmiguel, really have a good rapport.

We started out as a Doctor Who podcast that then became a radio show on Krypton Radio, which then expanded to science fiction in general and is now hear on ODYSY Radio, part of the charitable organization “International Federation of Trekkers” co-founded by the late Gene Roddenberry. We’ve interviewed over 140 celebrity guests, from Bruce Boxleitner to Michael Winslow, from Sylvester McCoy to Robert Picardo, and Chase Masterson to Sophie Aldred. We also review television shows, movies, and more!

On this special episode, the team look back on their fondest memories of the shows so far with a few of their guests giving them well wishes! So please sit back, grab a pan-galactic gargle blaster, and listen to what is an amazing achievement in the world of sci-fi talk radio!

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