Episode 314 – “What If… Continuity Mattered?”

MarkWHO42’s Universe – Episode 314 – What If… Continuity Mattered?

or What If… MarkWHO42 Did Another Show About “What If…?”?

We conitnue our discussion on “What If…?” – the MCU Disney+ series. Could there possibly be more surprises ahead? Is Killmonger good? How bad could a party with Thor in Vegas be? Can The Watcher destroy Ultron? Join Mark Baumgarten, Eduardo M. Freyre, Zion Quiros, and Vicky Jakubowski as we fall deeper into rabbit hole known as the MCU multiverse.

Plus in the last segment, not heard on ODYSY Radio, we discuss all the latest Doctor Who news including Series 13 and the return of RTD!

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