Episode 328 – Star Trekkin’ Across THE MarkWHO42 Universe

MarkWHO42's Universe - Episode 328 - Star Trekkin' Across THE MarkWHO42 Universe

Star Trek currently has 4 shows (soon to be 5) streaming on the Paramount+ service. Sound like a good time to have a Star Trek Retrospective. But first, let’s veer off course (in a fast car). Is Steve McQueen in the original The Italian Job or was Mark rambling? The winner is… not Mark.  Now back to the Federation.

Does Paramount now consider the 1970’s animated series canon or maybe just one episode? Are the only good movies the “even” ones? Is Deep Space Nine too gritty for Star Trek or is it actually the best of the series? Was Dr. Pulaski doomed to fail as a character? Did we fit everything into this show or should we come back? Join Mark BaumgartenEduardo M. FreyreVicky Jakubowski, and Zion “Q” Quiros as they debate the many faces (and versions) of Star Trek.

This episode contains over 45 minutes of bonus material not heard on Subspace Radio!

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