Episode 350 – The Write Stuff

The MarkWHO42's Universe Podcast - Episode 350 - The Write Stuff - Interview with author Jaimie Engle

Award winning author Jaimie Engle joins Mark Baumgarten and Vicky Jakubowski to discuss the worlds of fantasy she creates. We explore how from Clifton Chase to The 9 Circles, her mind pulls magic out of the ordinary. We also chat about her inspirations and future projects. Listen in as Jaimie shares a few exclusive tidbits including how one of her stories has just been filmed for UpTV.

This episode features new content not heard on Subspace Radio Network!

Jaimie Engle‘s website is at jaimieengle.com

Instagram: jaimieenglewrites

LinkedIn: Jaimieenglewrites

Pinterest: Jaimieenglewrites

(see a common theme here??? )

Goodreads: Jaimienglewrites

YouTube: Jaimieenglewrites

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