Episode 344 – What’s Up, Doc?

As the BBC celebrated their 100th anniversary, “The Power of the Doctor” exploded and brought the tenure of Jodie Whittaker to a close. We got a Whovian buffet including classic companions (and fan favorites) Tegan and Ace with Kate Stewart and UNIT joining the Doctor and Yaz against The Master, Cybermen (now known as Cyber…More

Episode 343 – Kickstart My Soul

The Kickstarter campaign takes off soon for Alin Silverwood’s Infinite Souls: A Halloween Tale of the Indieverse. This comic book will feature new characters teaming up in a classic tale of good versus evil. Listen as Eduardo M. Freyre, and Vicky Jakubowski chat with Roy Johnson on the concept and characters we will meet in…More

Best of Pop Culture of the 2000s (Part Two: TV & Music)

We’re finally ending our look back at the best of pop culture and media on MarkWHO42! We finally reached our second look into the new Millenium and celebrate the best of music and television!! From System of a Down to Eminem, Daft Punk to “Weird Al” Yankovic, The Office to LOST, and Relic Hunter to…More

Best of Pop Culture of the 2000s (Part One: Movies)

Welcome to the 21st century on our tour of pop culture and media! In this episode, we look at the best in motion pictures in the first decade of the 2000s! From Apocalypto to Stepbrothers, the Harry Potter movies to Gone in Sixty Seconds, and The Dark Knight to Castaway, this episode has it all!More